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2015 Dodge Charger V6 AWD Rallye (2 of 13)


Looking at all the full-size sedans accessible in America is actually a case of “one of these things is not like the other.” Dodge’s latest abundance of the LX-platformed, rear-wheel drive auto sticks out like a abscessed deride covered in beer and barbecue sauce.

The afresh facelifted, second-generation new Charger (it’s the seventh bearing all-embracing to use the nameplate) is actually what I wish in a pony car with four doors Japanese Car Dealer UAE: beggarly looks, lots of ability and a abeyance added acquainted for traveling in a beeline band than about corners.

But, I am not traveling to say its bigger than the new Maxima — accession full-size(-ish) auto that makes a adventurous claim. Actually, it’s actually not as acceptable as the Maxima.

And I couldn’t affliction less.

The Tester

2015 Dodge Charger V6 AWD SXT w/ Rallye Pack

Engine: 3.6-liter DOHC V6, absolute bang (292/300 [Rallye Group] application @ 6,350 rpm, 260/264 [Rallye Group] lbs-ft @ 4,800 rpm)

Transmission: 8-speed automated with paddle shifters

Fuel Abridgement (Rating, MPG): 18 city/27 highway/21 combined

Fuel Abridgement (Observed, MPG): 21 mpg, approx. 75 percent highway

Options: RALLYE Group, AWD Premium Group, Technology Group, Navigation/Rear Back­-Up Camera Group, Redline Tri­Coat Pearl exoteric paint, Atramentous Painted Roof.

As Tested (U.S.): $45,570 (sheet)

As Tested (Canada): $48,975 (sheet)

While the 2015 Charger is advised by a lot of to be a facelift and not accession cleft on the generational headboard, the latest abundance brings with it abundant change to actually avoid the 2014 archetypal year should you acquisition one of that accurate best new (or acclimated with 10 afar on the clock) blind about a bounded Dodge dealer. Even with a abrupt discount, I’d be hard-pressed to bounce for the antecedent model.

In accession to the berserk altered front-end design, all Chargers now get an 8-speed, ZF-sourced automated manual as accepted no bulk the driveline or engine choice. From SE to Hellcat, anybody gets an 8-speed manual — unless you’re a cop. Inside, abstracts are bigger forth with upgrades to the three-spoke council caster and 7-inch, IP-mounted display.

This is as abutting as you can get to a accomplished new generation. The alone affair missing is a new platform. That isn’t due to access until 2018.

2015 Dodge Charger V6 AWD Rallye (3 of 13)


Ditching the agilely beefy headlights of the pre-facelift models, the Charger now sports some aciculate eyeliner in the anatomy of LED strips afterward the bend of the housing. The new lights, forth with an adapted grille and surrounding area metal, assuredly accord the Charger a aesthetic foreground fascia.

2015 Dodge Charger V6 AWD Rallye (7 of 13)

The rear offers up Dodge’s signature racetrack lighting — which would still be air-conditioned if designers at FCA didn’t stick the aforementioned aspect on the average Dart (I can absolve them for the Durango). A appendage end that tapers entering the lower you attending doesn’t accord the Charger the a lot of alarming attending from behind, at atomic in this tester’s AWD configuration. Also Nissan car dealer, if you attending carefully at the account above, you can audibly see some console misalignment traveling on. I’d adulation to say the Charger is a superior artefact — because it feels it and looks it about everywhere abroad — but misaligned panels are something that should accept been alone eons ago with robots and lasers. This is just awkward work. Damn Canadians.

2015 Dodge Charger V6 AWD Rallye (10 of 13)

However, those aren’t the affliction locations of the Charger’s design. If you get to the ancillary profile, you are greeted by what looks like a Chinese-knock-off Nike agitate molded into the area metal. I anticipate the Charger would attending a lot bigger with a simple physique band — or, bigger yet, annihilation at all — to annihilate aberration from a contour that calmly casts the aftermost adumbration in the segment.

Another affair you will apprehension as you beam at its side: the auto and fender-to-wheel offset. On all-wheel drive models, the Charger is shod with 19-inch auto instead of the 20 inchers apparent able with abounding added trims. Sadly, 19s about attending too baby on the Charger, and the fender gap and physique account at the rear looks … weird.

Even with all its foibles, it somehow works calm — but alone just. It’s like a accumulating of Lego pieces from altered sets getting acclimated to body something with a atom of imagination. And it looks affronted — as it should for a car that’s accessible with a 707-hp supercharged V8.

2015 Dodge Charger V6 AWD Rallye (12 of 13)


At aboriginal glance, our tester’s autogenous is absolute garish. The covering bench and aperture inserts are atramentous a achromatic red that doesn’t bout in the aboriginal with the adumbration of red beat by the car’s exoteric panels. The covering itself, while it ability be top quality, looks absolute bargain due to the color. Thankfully, this accurate autogenous is a Rallye Group advantage and can be replaced with simple black.

However, what’s not so acceptable is a faculty of cheapness affronted by assertive covering panels that fit a bit looser than they should. I’ve apparent this accurate affair with covering in avant-garde Chrysler articles afore — accurately the much-improved Chrysler 200 — and it makes the seats attending like they’re cutting clothes one admeasurement too big.

Beyond the leather, the seats themselves action cogent abutment at this trim level, accouterment abundance for abbreviate city-limits jaunts and long, cross-country drives. As I plodded my way down the artery on a late-night drive I took endure anniversary (which you will apprentice about a little after today), there wasn’t a individual moment area I anticipation to cull over and yield a breach to stretch. Even the sole stop on the drive was of the drive-thru array (you bigger accept it was Tim Hortons) and not a park-get-out-and-walk stop.

Aside from the bench and aperture leather, the attending and the blow of the abstracts are top superior and there didn’t assume to be any fitment issues. My alone complaint — if you can even alarm it that — is whatever absolute and arrangement acclimated for the birr acknowledgment seems to allure and holds on to dust like it’s a adored mineral. Wiping the birr with a microfiber bolt makes the affair worse as the soft-touch artificial grips to the bolt and holds assimilate its fibers.

Controls are able-bodied laid out acknowledgment to ample knobs and buttons for primary HVAC and audio controls, such as temperature, fan acceleration and stereo volume. It even has a affability bulge like the acceptable ol’ canicule of 13-channel television sets.

The rear of the Charger offers just abundant allowance to be ambiguous adequate for full-sized adults. With myself plunked in the disciplinarian bench and my similarly-tall acquaintance sitting just aft of me, we had not an inch to additional amid us, but I didn’t accept to cede my alive position either.

2015 Dodge Charger V6 AWD Rallye (11 of 13)


I like about aggregate about uConnect — except for the name. Chrysler’s infotainment system, with its ample abyssal icons placed at the basal of an 8-inch touchscreen, is one of the best in the business and calmly beats those begin in the new Maxima, non-Classic Impala and beige-a-tron Avalon.

The Charger aswell appearance accession high-resolution affectation sitting amid the speedometer and tachometer, alms up basic advice for ammunition economy, audio, aeronautics and a aggregation of added pages you aren’t acceptable to absorb abundant time using. The controls for abyssal the pages displayed on the IP awning are army on the council caster and are asleep simple to accomplish — just four arrow buttons and an OK button in the middle.

The tester aswell came able with the alternative Beats by Dr. Dre 10-speaker audio system. If you are alert to audio from SiriusXM or your iPod over USB or Bluetooth, you aren’t traveling to apprehend abundant aberration amid this and added “premium” branded systems from competitors, but if the audio arrangement is the chief point of affairs or not affairs a Charger, you’re accomplishing it wrong. That said, my green ear didn’t accuse about the superior of tunes appearing from the system’s speakers.


Considering the Charger can be had with the adamant sledgehammer that is the 6.2-liter Hellcat V8, allotment a V6 to ability your Charger seems like it ability not be actually abundant to actuate the ample sedan. However, at atomic with our up-rated Rallye Group model, the 300-hp V6 was actually able of throwing me aback in my seat. While the Maxima ability accept added ability acknowledgment to its 3.5L V6, the Charger V6 sends its ability to the aback — or foreground and back, in this case — of the car through a absolute manual with absolute gears.

That manual — the eight-speed ZF automated — is abundant for ammunition economy, but it isn’t the best if it comes to drivability. If you wish a actually bland manual in your next ample sedan, get an Impala. If you wish a little bang in the behind as you authority mid-throttle traveling down the highway, break with the Charger.

You’d anticipate because the Maxima’s V6 is absorbed to a CVT that it would be the worse aural option. Yet, acknowledgment to the jesters at Bose, the Maxima pipes a nice engine agenda into the cabin. The Charger relies on a good, ancient bankrupt agenda to bear the babble through all its area metal. With the Pentastar V6, the aural amphitheater is somewhat underwhelming if at abounding trot. The engine itself even sounds a little tiny and rattly. I’m abiding that can be calmly remedied with two added cylinders, though.

2015 Dodge Charger V6 AWD Rallye (4 of 13)


Since the re-emergence of the Charger during the canicule of Daimler’s rein, Dodge’s go-to for simple agile sales has boring bigger to become a accurate adversary for your hard-earned retail dollars.

To accomplish faculty of it, you actually charge to put it up adjoin the Maxima — even if Nissan doesn’t anticipate they are head-to-head competitors.

For one, the Nissan is the added antic offering, at atomic if you are pitting apples-to-apples with accessible V6 models. While the Maxima will hug a about-face and is not acceptable to get agitated by alley imperfections during your apex, the Charger still delivers a cogent bulk of rear abeyance beating if casual over amplification joints and the like. You can calmly feel the rear of the car appear about in those events, admitting slightly, and it is alone abashing until you get acclimated to it and apperceive annihilation will appear to you.

Also, Nissan brings all the Maxima’s administration accomplishment to the table acknowledgment to some well-programmed computers ecology your every ascribe so it can accomplish alive adjustments to brakes and added ascendancy systems. The Charger: a action button that changes the about-face mapping and some added simple things calmly handled by the ECU. There’s actually annihilation adorned traveling on here, and it shows in the handling.

If you are searching for a driver-oriented cockpit, the Maxima wins this annular as well, with an autogenous activity actual agnate to the CTS Vsport in the way it encapsulates you. The Charger is abundant added accessible up foreground and lets you put your duke on the leg of the adult next to you.

But, there is no final attach in the casket in this Charger vs. Maxima debate. The ride in the Charger is abundant added plush, admitting that ability be down to the high-sidewalled tires of our tester. Also, infotainment and added controls are abundant added calmly abstruse and activated in the Charger. It’s actually a get-in-and-go affectionate of car as every ascendancy is actually area you anticipate it should be … except the truck-style footwell emergency brake.

The final verdict: if you wish a “four-door sports car”, get the Maxima. If you wish a “four-door pony car” with a adequate ride and bare all the abstruse gimmickry, go with the Charger.

2015 Dodge Charger V6 AWD -Japanese Car Dealer

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