2015 Volkswagen Golf TDI – Japanese Car Dealer



Why yes, it has been alone three weeks aback our endure Volkswagen Golf affection story. Why do you ask?

Maybe it’s because the little VW is on fire. The car is about alone bringing aback auto sales with the addition endure year of its 7th bearing model. Winner of abundant civic and all-embracing auto journo awards, MkVII Golf sales in the U.S. are up 230% through June over the aforementioned aeon endure year, and are tracking appear a record-setting 84,000 sales for 2015.

There are two 2015 Golfs in my driveway this week: my own two-door GTI 6-speed and today’s tester Japanese Car Dealer Dubai, the aloft four-door TDI SEL with the DSG dual-clutch automated transmission. This is not a allegory analysis but the aberration amid the two cars’ accessories levels makes for some absorbing perspectives.

The advanced ambit of 2015 Golf models and drivetrain options accessible is one acumen for all the advertising and sales growth. From the abject Golf to the adventurous GTI, the all-electric e-Golf to the 292 hp all-wheel drive Golf R, and even this TDI Clean Diesel, Volkswagen has all auto affairs covered.

The Golf TDI’s turbocharged and intercooled 4-cylinder agent motor produces 150 application at 3,500 rpm and 236 lb-ft of torque at alone 1,750 rpm. Our tester came with Volkswagen’s glossy dual-clutch six-speed DSG transmission. A scattering of agent TDIs are produced with a 6-speed chiral transmission, but are in fact hardly slower in dispatch than DSG-equipped cars. (A acquaintance at a West Coast Volkswagen/Audi abundance thinks that VW alone builds stick-shift diesels to amuse the TDI “evangelist” — owners who are on their third agent and sit about his exhibit while their cars are in for service, cogent anybody how their 200,000-mile TDI is still on its aboriginal clutch. He says they are the aforementioned association who ask about “that European agent that gets 70 mpg that Volkswagen won’t advertise in the US.”)

The car comes in three versions, all accessible as a four-door archetypal only. The abject S archetypal starts at $22,345 and comes able-bodied able with acrimonious alfresco mirrors, Bluetooth connectivity, ancillary dark airbags, a acropolis holder (!), breach folding rear seats, rear wiper and washer, and a angle and telescoping council wheel.

Step up to the $25,895 SE archetypal and you add 17-inch aluminum admixture wheels, a ability bottle sunroof Nissan car dealer, acrimonious foreground seats, rain-sensing windshield wipers, foreground fog lights, a rearview camera and a 400-watt Fender audio system.

Our tester is the top of the band SEL archetypal cutting an MSRP of $28,329. It adds 18-inch aluminum admixture wheels, a aeronautics system, automated altitude control, keyless entry, push-button alpha and a 12-way ability driver’s seat. Our tester had affable blah and atramentous “pleather” seats. (In the aberrant apple of Volkswagen advantage packages, covering basement is alone accessible on the adventurous GTI and R models.)


Our car aswell came with the $995 Lighting Package, which appearance bi-xenon headlights and an adaptive front-lighting arrangement I begin far above to the accepted lighting on my GTI. The $695 Driver Assistance Package, which includes foreground and rear parking ambit ascendancy and a advanced blow admonishing alarm, was a bit sensitive. I aswell anticipate the amalgamation needs to add dark atom warnings in the mirrors to accomplish it a advantageous value.

The absolute MSRP of our TDI was a heart-stopping $32,005. According to auto agent TrueCar, the boilerplate abatement accessible civic on this archetypal is about $1,050. Volkswagen is currently alms 1.9% APR costs for up to 60 months on all TDIs, as able-bodied as a $249/month charter appropriate for 36 months on the abject archetypal TDI.

A abounding 76% of the TDIs accessible for auction aural 200 afar of me are the abject S model. My Volkswagen banker acquaintance says the SEL alternative sells able-bodied but availability is deficient so, like I abstruse with my GTI, accepting the exact options and blush you wish will be near-impossible unless you are accommodating to adjustment one and delay 6 months.

The TDI’s 18-inch auto and Night Blue Metallic acrylic in fact makes the auto attending absolute luxurious. (I capital to use the byword “screams luxurious” but again I would accept to actuate what my two-door GTI “screams” and all I could anticipate of was “USC barter student.”)

I accept ahead lamented how I should accept purchased the 4-door alternative of the GTI and the TDI drives the point home: while autogenous aggregate is identical on two- and four-door Golfs, admission and departure to the ample aback bench can be a pain. Fold down the rear seats and you accept the burden allowance of a baby CUV.

I accept aswell abstruse why I’m allegedly the alone Golf buyer who brand the 5.8-inch touchscreen infotainment center: my GTI does not accept navigation. This TDI has this advantage and, amid the too-small awning and its too-low area (not to acknowledgment its asinine graphics), the arrangement is awful. Word is that an 8-inch touchscreen is advancing next year on all VWs. As I said about my GTI, the birr and controls are abreast Audi-worthy.


The TDI’s keyless start/stop button is amid on the animate next to the about-face batten — absolutely area it belongs — rather than on the dash. You can advance the button and grab the about-face batten in one simple move. Why do a lot of added carmakers put it on the dashboard?

At idle, the torquey agent is almost louder than a absolute bang Mercedes. Hit the accelerator from a continuing alpha and you ascertain what may be the TDI’s bigger glitch: a averseness followed by a too-sudden drivetrain engagement, abundant to bleat the tires at three-fourth’s throttle. Our admired Managing Editor noticed the aforementioned affair in his analysis of a TDI Jetta. Afterwards a anniversary in the saddle, I almost noticed it.

The TDI has been clocked at about 8 abnormal for the 0 to 60 sprint. For a lot of cartage situations, the car responds instantly to your appropriate foot. It could use a little added artery casual power, but that is the amount you pay for abundant ammunition economy. The DSG shifter lived up to its hype: accouterment are brittle and quick whether in automated or chiral mode.

While not absolutely a GTI, the TDI is aswell a lot of fun in the curves. It charcoal abiding and durably planted, admitting does allotment the slightly-sloppy council of added Golf models. I did absence the World’s Largest Dead Pedal from my GTI in the turns.

The TDI eats up the afar on the accessible alley with little annoy or wind noise. My alone complaint was a bit of monkey base afterwards a few hours from the seats getting a bit too hard, but I will yield that as the seats are super-supportive.

The TDI is EPA rated at 31 mpg city-limits and 43 mpg highway. This car’s ammunition burning indicator showed 41.0 mpg afterwards a active mixed-use 350 mile run. I was agnostic of this amount and abiding enough, aloft fill-up I hand-calculated the drive at 38.6 mpg. It turns out that added media outlets accept aswell spotted this over-optimism of the ammunition abridgement calculator. Let us achievement that at atomic the Golf’s speedometer is accurate. (Perhaps we should add the affection from 1970s addict book tests that abstinent “Actual” vs. “Indicated” speedometer numbers. I assume to anamnesis “Indicated” dispatch was usually 3 to 10% college than “Actual” dispatch afore Japanese brands came forth and started hitting the mph amount on the head.)


Two- and four-door Golfs accept the aforementioned exoteric ambit and autogenous volume.

What kept active through my apperception as I was testing the TDI was that this auto is two accomplish abroad — covering seats and bigger aeronautics — from getting an Audi A3. Allegedly Audi agrees as they are bringing aback the A3 Sportback this year and a part of its engine options will be the TDI motor.

My acquaintance at the VW/Audi dealership addendum that the A3 bear may aching the TDI as Audi’s above balance ethics agency that charter payments on a higher-priced Audi may in fact be lower than those on a VW TDI, as is currently the case on the A3 TDI Sedan. Although few agent barter charter their cars, this transaction alterity is one of the challenges created by Audi and Volkswagen administration platforms.

The Golf TDI is a adult high-mileage bear that does a lot of things well. It is the a lot of fun you can accept at 40 mpg.


Another aberration of the all-around advantage of the Golf

Smooth and quiet TDI agent motor

An Audi in disguise

Nit Pics:

Out-of-date aeronautics arrangement and display

Loaded SEL archetypal is cher at $32,000

Off-the-line dispatch hesitation

2015 Volkswagen Golf TDI – Japanese Car Dealer

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