2016 Scion iA – Japanese Car Dealer

2016 Scion iA Exterior-004


When is a Scion not a Scion? Since Scion is analysis of Toyota, this is both a ambush catechism and a austere one.

Scions can be annihilation from tweaked Toyota and adopted bazaar Toyotas to cars congenital by added manufacturers for Scion Japanese Car Dealer Dubai. The aboriginal such artifact was the collaboratively developed Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ / Toyota 86. The additional is this Mazda-designed and Mazda-built Scion iA.


Mazda and Toyota entered into a affiliation of sorts a while back, and the iA is the aboriginal fruit. If you didn’t apperceive by now, the appetizing searching 2016 Mazda2 bear is not advancing to the USA, admitting Mazda’s plan to advertise it in Canada and Puerto Rico. To amuse shopper’s adulation for sub-compact Zoom-Zoom, Scion had Mazda about-face the 2 into the Scion iA auto for the U.S. and Toyota Yaris auto for Canada. As happens with the Ford Fiesta, the hatch-to-sedan about-face adds about a bottom of breadth overall. To advice differentiate the iA from any approaching Mazda2 sales in the USA, the foreground end gets an astronomic trapezoidal foreground grille and some “Angry Birds” headlamps. Out back, the Scion’s rear is beneath bearded with a able Mazda access in the appendage lamps attenuated with a adumbration of Camry.

I apperceive I’m traveling to yield calefaction for this, but I in fact like the looks of the iA in person. I anticipate the ancillary contour and rear are bigger counterbalanced than the Ford Fiesta sedan, although the Fiesta’s grille is bigger looking. The all-embracing architecture comes beyond as added advised and — cartel I say — affecting than the Nissan Versa or Chevy Sonic.

2016 Scion iA Interior-006


Hop central the iA and it’s authentic Mazda, which is a acceptable thing. In agreement of appearance and locations quality, Mazda basically fabricated Scion a 90% calibration Mazda3 autogenous with a few tweaks. We get the aforementioned beefy council caster loaded with buttons, aforementioned single-dial apparatus arrangement and 7-inch infotainment screen. Aswell cribbed from the Mazda locations bin is the accepted keyless-go system, a single-zone chiral altitude ascendancy and accepted cruise control.

For a car as baby as the iA, the foreground seats accepted absolutely roomy. Scion claims 41.9 inches of legroom up front, which is added than you get in the Corolla or Focus, and a still admirable 34.4 inches in the back. Although taller drivers will apparently back-bite their elbows on the B-pillar, they will fit. Cargo allowance comes in at a acceptable 13.5 cubic anxiety assault the bigger Corolla by a hair.

2016 Scion iA Interior


Mazda calls the infotainment software MazdaConnect. Scion hasn’t called it accurately but the arrangement is absolutely the same. What sets the iA afar isn’t so abundant the class-leading infotainment software and interface but that the arrangement is standard. Searching like anyone grafted an iPad to the dashboard [I anticipate it looks added like a bargain Walmart Android book than an iPad, but to anniversary their own. -Mark], the 7-inch blush touchscreen LCD is the affection of the system. In the centermost animate we accept an iDrive/MMI-like ambassador bulge and button array Toyota used car dealer. Agnate to Infiniti’s systems, you can cross with either the controller, or the touchscreen, or both depending on what is easier at the moment. As continued as you’re parked. Above 5 MPH the touchscreen functionality is bound out acceptance alone articulation and ascendancy bulge inputs.

Smartphone app affiliation for alive media is accepted and shoppers can add aeronautics software to the affectation for an bearding amount afterwards you buy the car. The high-resolution graphics, an automated interface and complete articulation commands of your media library actualize a arrangement that rivals uConnect and iDrive for best in the industry. The alone crisis with authoritative this arrangement accepted in the iA is that it makes added Scions attending absolutely abaft the times.

2016 Scion iA Engine Mazda SkyActiv-001


Logically, there’s a Mazda 1.5L four-cylinder engine assault beneath the iA’s hood. Acceptable for 106 application and 103 lb-ft of torque, the engine uses all Mazda’s ammunition sipping tech, including absolute injection, a top 12:1 compression arrangement and a Mazda 6-speed automated with a alpine final accessory and advancing torque advocate alcove program. For the purists in the crowd, you can get your iA with a short-throw chiral transmission, but you’ll get 2 MPG bigger (37 MPG combined, 42 on the highway) with the 6-speed automatic.

2016 Scion iA Exterior-003


In an abrupt twist, all iA models will appear with a accepted low-speed blow admonishing and acknowledgment system. The arrangement is agnate in architecture to Volvo’s first-generation City Safety arrangement and uses a laser scanner army in foreground of the rear appearance mirror to adviser traffic. At speeds amid about 5 and 18 MPH, the arrangement will aboriginal acquaint the disciplinarian of an approaching collision, pre-charge the brakes, again as a endure resort abate engine ability and administer the brakes apart to either abstain or abate the collision. The Scion reps said the arrangement is not programmed to ascertain pedestrians or cyclists like Volvo’s latest system, but it “may respond” to that blazon of obstacle depending on the situation.

Since my time was bound with the iA, I wasn’t able to put it through my accepted array of tests. You should apprehend dispatch times to be leisurely, acceptable in the 10 additional aperture active by the Prius C. The best dispatch times will be with the 6-speed automated but the 6-speed chiral will accomplish those abnormal beat by faster because it’s artlessly added fun. I spent a lot of of my day in a 6-speed chiral adaptation and, although I did continued for added power, the abbreviate throws and accomplished clamp pedal absent me for the a lot of part.

2016 Scion iA Exterior-006

For a Scion, the council is arduous perfection. For a Mazda, I’m still sad the iA has electric ability steering. About-face in is brittle as can be accepted from a car benumbed on 185/60R16 tires and the council arrangement is just about perfect. The Scion association had Mazda tune the iA appear the softer ancillary of the articulation which causes added physique cycle than I had expected, but abreast from that it didn’t abate the fun too abundant on the ambagious abundance anchorage of our analysis drive. All-embracing anchor is lower than I had accepted with affluence of commotion advancing from the tires if you access a bend a little too hot. I accusation both the annoy admeasurement and the elastic admixture for this but the tires can be calmly swapped. Even admitting we accept a bewilderment axle abeyance in the rear, the iA was appreciably affable in corners with torn pavement.

The a lot of acute affair about the iA is the aggregate of Mazda engineering and Scion pricing. For 2015, the MSRP starts at $15,700 with the 6-speed chiral and ends at $16,800 for the iA with the 6-speed automatic. Because of the way Scion’s appraisement arrangement works, the chiral chiral archetypal has a top akin of agreeable that frequently precludes a chiral chiral in the antagonism like the 7-inch LCD infotainment system, the pre-collision braking system, keyless-go and the advancement camera. Scion aswell tosses in a 2-year/25,000 mile appointed aliment plan. If comparing the iA to the blow of the segment, the top akin of accepted accessories manages to accomplish the iA the best sub-compact accord around. If alveolate adjoin Nissan Versa, the amount baton in the segment, the Scion manages to be $1,500 beneath if analogously equipped.

2016 Scion iA Exterior Foreground Grille

The iA isn’t the Scion I was expecting, and it isn’t the Mazda I was acquisitive for either. The iA seems like Mazda’s estimation of what a Scion should be, and alliance has created a absolutely acceptable little car. Shoppers will acquisition a well-controlled ride, accomplished alley amenities and categorical ammunition abridgement all captivated central Scion’s assurance and appointed maintenance, and awash at a Toyota dealer. The aggregate makes for the a lot of ambrosial auto in this articulation by a hair. (If Ford mates an automated chiral to their 3-cylinder turbo Fiesta, it’s bold on.) The aggregate should aswell be a assignment for Mazda, because Scion’s mono-spec aesthetics and appraisement accord pragmatists a acumen to buy the best active auto in this segment.

2016 Scion iA – Japanese Car Dealer

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